Includes; wind power, biomass, solar power generation and cogeneration recycling.


Exhaust waste heat recycling and wet peak cooling of Shanxi Linfen Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd

Constructing company

Shanxi Zhangze Power-saving Technology Co., Ltd

Constructing scale

3 absorption heat pump sets of 38.36MW and the supporting facilities; peak cooling system is designed to cool 35% emission of 2 turbines of 300MW, which is 240t/h.

Working range

primary designing, working drawings and completing drawing designing.

Period of project

August 2015

Project introduction

2 air-cooled heat generators are installed in Shanxi Linfen Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd. Insufficient space for heat transfer in air-cooling island has led to high back pressure of the machine and high consumption of power-generating coal. 2 front condensers and 3 absorption heat pumps of 38.36MW are designed to centrally supply heat by recycling heat produced by condensed exhaust in winter and cool off the temperature by distributing exhaust, thus sharply reducing coal consumption for power generating and supplying heat from the power plant and enhancing its capability of supplying heat.