Includes; wind power, biomass, solar power generation and cogeneration recycling.


New Energy Cogeneration reconstruction Project(EPC) of Shansheng, inner Mongolia

Constructing company

Suzhou Hanfeng Technology Development Co., Ltd

Constructing Scale

2X32.45MW absorption heat pump sets and supporting project

Working range

EPC overall contractor

Period of project

January 2015

Project introduction

Other shining points worth introducing: The capability of Inner Mongolia Shansheng New Energy heat-generated power factory is 2XC50MW hydro-cooling heating sets whose condensed heat is discharged from the cooling tower into the atmosphere, heat provided by set extraction. 2 absorption heat pump sets of 32.45MW are placed and recycle cooled heat to supply centralized heat. It realizes the utilization of using waste heat to supply heat and at the same time strengthens the power supply capacity of the power plant and sharply reduces coal consumption for heating. The project is overall contracted by our company, which has smoothly passed the acceptance.